OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant

OKO Puncture Free Tire Sealant is an advanced chemical solution specially formulated and designed to instantaneously seal punctures and leakages in the tread area of pneumatic tires. OKO is the World’s original tire sealant, and since launched in UK over 37 years ago, its continuous development and unique cutting-edge ingredients sets it apart from all other tire sealants available on the market today.

Manufactured with ISO 9001 certification for all of its operations, OKO is an environmentally safe solution, produced with materials of the highest grade that have been designed to function and perform even at the most extreme range of temperatures and harshest applications.

OKO is injected into the tire BEFORE a puncture occurs, remaining liquid inside the tire providing a protective layer and coat that protects and prevents against any punctures, leakages or air loss that may occur. When a puncture occurs, air pressure forces OKO into the hole whilst the tire is in motion, whereby OKO immediately forms a hard, air-tight and permanent seal.

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