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Ardekan Ind. Ceramic Co.

Unit 8, 4th Fl., No.1, Beginning of Saadat Abaad, Azadi Sq., 1418654381, Isfahan, Esfahan

Arian Pipe Co.

Biginning of 14th Ave., 1st St., Jey Industrial Town, Isfahan, Esfahan

Arman Energy Tech.Co.

4th St., Jey Industrial Town, 8376100000, Isfahan, Esfahan

Asia Green Pipe Co.

Upper Fl., No.2, Shahid Haratiyan Alley, After Qasr e Gol St., Bozorgmehr St., 8157787459, Isfahan, Esfahan

Asia Rubber Co.

No.476, Beheshti St., 81339-63113, Isfahan, Esfahan

Asia Profile Co.

Unit 410, 3rd Fl., Eftekhar Bldg., Chaharbaq Abbasi St., 8134644393, Isfahan, Esfahan

Asia Slag Wool Co.

Code.75, 9th Ave., 102nd St., Montazeriye Industrial Town, Najaf Abaad, Isfahan, Esfahan

Atlas Rubber Industry

After Gasoline Station, Km. 15th Isfahan-Shiraz Rd., Isfahan, Esfahan

Atlas Machine Aria Co.

No.44, Ekbatan St., After Sangboriha Hall, Shohadaye Varzeshkar Sq., Beginning of Dolat Abad Rd., Isfahan, Esfahan

Azmoune Foulad Co.

Bldg.No.110, Mohtasham Kashani St., 8175889371, Isfahan, Esfahan

Bafte Sanat Kashan Co.(Mashhad Carpet)

61st Yas St., Miremad St., Amir Kabir Industrial Town, Kashan, Esfahan

Baspar Gostar-E Poya Co. (Poya Pipe)

Unit 73, 1st Fl., Kave Tower, Kave St., 8193634179, Isfahan, Esfahan

Baspar Ariana Pooshin Eng.Co.

Unit 526, Kosar Complex, Up Chahar Baq St., Isfahan, Esfahan

Behrash Machine Co.

24th St., Tehran Rd., Opposite Refinery, Mahmoud Abad Industrial Town, Isfahan, Esfahan

Behran Mehvar Saipa Co.

1st Km.of Khansar Rd., Saipa Industrial Town, Golpayegan, Esfahan

Cold Star Co.

1st Fl., Ifel Commercial Complex, Chahar Baq Abasi St., Isfahan, Esfahan

Ehya Mine Negin Complex Co.

Kosar Bldg., No.70, Bijan Alley, Beginning of Mohtasham kashani St., Hakim Nezami St., 8175977951, Isfahan, Esfahan

Esfahan Power Maintenance Co.

Before Zob Ahan Exp.Way, End of Keshavarz Blvd., Isfahan, Esfahan

Esfahan Dor Motoghayer Co.

No.132, Opposite TeleCommunication Office., Moshiroddole St., Imam Khomeini St., 81969, Isfahan, Esfahan

Esfahan Taktaz Sepahan Co.

No.10, Corner of Block 24, Opposite Hafez Qataat, New Shapour St., Amir Kabir Industrial Town, 81951-43159, Isfahan, Esfahan
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